​The Bully Life

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This is the best option for those who do not have the initial time to establish obedience or maybe your dog might have multiple issues needed to be addressed. I also recommend this for high anxiety or misplaced aggressive issues. This is also a great option for basic obedience commands

Exercise is incredibly important and I can teach your dog to help manage its energy through properly structured exercising then demonstrate it for you. The ultimate goal is to try to help your dog to manage its energy in a calm fashion, until its time to exercise.

​​​​Dogs these days are still the very same; their roles in the family and households have changed throughout the years. More families in most regions are not keeping their dogs outside overnight in dog houses. They have been taking on more of a family member role more and more.

With my experience thus far, I have developed methods based on classical conditioning and various adolescent psychological theories. While finding a balance between obedience and behavioral work I believe that I can help any person or family bond with their dog better than ever. Owning a dog may be trying at times but it should overall be a wonderful, bonding experience that helps both dog and owner grow together in a fun, stable fashion. I will do everything I can to help achieve the most positive connection between any family and their dog.

private lessons
Your dog is family. 
Bootcamp/ Board and train

Whether it is meeting at your home, a park, or a business; I can come and meet you and your dog to discuss any and all issues that may need a little guidance or shaping. Example: Potty training, Food/water aggression, loose leash walking, overbearing excitement.

Dog walking & running